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The online travel guide for the Conscious Urban Traveller

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, March 2016 – Conscious Travel Guide is live! As locals of popular cities around the world, we give Conscious Urban Travellers great tips; starting in Amsterdam. To make your own conscious decisions when travelling, you need information. We discovered – both through research and first hand – that many travellers who live a conscious lifestyle at home, are less inclined to make conscious choices when travelling. Simply because it takes so much extra effort to gather information to make a well-considered choice, when you just want to have fun. Conscious Travel Guide gives you this valuable information in an easy, transparent and attractive way.

“We don’t want to preach, we don’t want to judge, we are not activists. With Conscious Travel Guide we want to inform and educate you, the conscious urban traveller. And let you make your own conscious decisions, wherever and whenever.”

Great recommendations with an extra layer of conscious information

Our first goal is to give great recommendations, selected by locals. Great service from a business scores high, as well as a clear passion for what they do, a unique concept, good quality products or an original location. Our added value is that we provide clear and transparent information on the sustainability efforts of a company and whether they respect the environment, humans and animals.

Our conscious travel rating – easy and transparent

Nobody is 100% conscious, and making conscious choices can be challenging. Therefore we’ve created a conscious travel rating, visualising to what extent a recommended business makes an effort regarding the environment, human welfare/social aspects and animal welfare. This way, each conscious urban traveller can make their own conscious choices when travelling, based on their own beliefs and the conscious lifestyle they live. No matter whether they are looking for accommodation, restaurants, bars, transportation or events, Conscious Travel Guide provides multiple conscious and sustainable options.

About Conscious Travel Guide

Conscious Travel Guide is an independent online travel guide for the conscious urban traveller, set up and run by Charles Cassar and Joshua Spijker. We are an Australian-Dutch couple living in beautiful Amsterdam. We believe that it’s necessary to make conscious decisions and choices in life, to ensure a sustainable future.

With Conscious Travel Guide we want to stimulate awareness for the importance of making conscious decisions also when travelling. We do this by providing clear and transparent information on conscious possibilities and choices in the leisure and travel market, in popular cities.

Our business model is based on affiliate partnerships with companies such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,, and TicketBar and on online advertising. We do not accept payments from companies in order to be recommended by us.


For more information please contact (preferably by email):

Joshua Spijker
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+31 6 2127 8426

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