The World Press Photo exhibition is THE photo exhibition to go to; if you are only in the slightest way interested in photos…and the world around you. I have always mixed feelings when going to the exhibition. The photos are undoubtedly beautiful, but some are just emotionally shocking. Sometimes even more so because of the beauty of the photo, in contrast with the story of it. But don’t close your eyes for what is going on in the world, you will miss a great exhibition.

Three and a half million visitors worldwide

The draw for me is that I, as a visual person, learn more about what is going on in the world, through photojournalism and multimedia storytelling. I do admit that I am very interested in photography in general; and the World Press Photo exhibition displays beautiful, colourful, artistic, storytelling photos. So that might make be somewhat biased. But with a worldwide number of three and a half million visitors, I rest my case.

World Press Photo in De Nieuwe Kerk

Since a few years, the World Press Photo exhibition is being held in the ‘exhibition church’ De Nieuwe Kerk. Because WPP is a Dutch organisation, the world tour of the photo exhibition starts in Amsterdam. De Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church) is a church from the 15th century that is mainly used as exhibition space. To me, this gives some of the photos a special dimension, as a lot of the photo(s) (series) shown, are based on conflicts between humans with different religions.

The World Press Photo Foundation is a major force in developing and promoting the work of visual journalists, with a range of activities and initiatives that span the globe. Of which the World Press Photo contest and related exhibitions are best known with the public.

Indirect Conscious effects

World Press Photo was founded to promote the work of photojournalists, not directly related to a conscious, sustainable or other ‘good cause’ ideology. Nonetheless we give them 1-ratings for all three pillars, because of the direct and indirect effects the photos have on creating awareness to what is going on in the world. Environmental, religious and political issues, human and animal cruelties, and many other topics are being shown at this exhibition, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

We have no information (yet) on how sustainably the exhibition itself is run.


World Press Photo Exhibition

Address: Dam Square, Amsterdam
WebsiteWorld Press Photo

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