Nowadays De Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church) is mostly used for worldly exhibitions with a focus on countries, cultures and religions. De Nieuwe Kerk gives an insight in the art, way of living, evolution, religious believes, etc. of the various cultures, through large exhibitions. The church itself has some beautiful features, such as the golden choir screen, the main organ or the tomb of famous Dutch seafarer, Admiral Michiel de Ruyter. The name De Nieuwe Kerk is quite deceiving, as the church was erected in the 15th century.

Take out extra time to admire the church

There are a few main exhibitions a year, going from several months to half a year. The exhibitions are set up all over the church, using the building itself to its fullest. Visiting one of the exhibitions is the best way to see all the other treasures of De Nieuwe Kerk. Occasionally I look up more at the architecture and interesting and beautiful details of the building than I do at the exhibition. And that’s not (just) because an exhibition isn’t interesting. So you might want to take out some more time when visiting the exhibition. Besides visiting an exhibition, you could also visit one of the organ concerts on Tuesdays. But be aware that you might not be able to walk through the whole church. De Nieuwe Kerk possesses two organs: the main organ, which takes up the entire west wall, and a smaller one, which is known as the transept organ because of its location.

The Museum shop of De Nieuwe Kerk offers an entirely new collection with every exhibition. You can find a wide range of literature and products concerning the current exhibition. The shop is accessible through the main entrance of the Nieuwe Kerk as well as through the street entrance (left of the main entrance of the Nieuwe Kerk).

De Nieuwe Kerk is also used for official Royal ceremonies, such as marriages, inaugurations or other special services.

Promoting understanding through insight in other cultures

We have no information (yet) on how sustainable De Nieuwe Kerk is run. We give them a 1-rating for Human/Social consciousness, because we believe that through their exhibitions they stimulate a deeper understanding of different cultures.


De Nieuwe Kerk

Address: Dam Square, Amsterdam
WebsiteDe Nieuwe Kerk

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