A great and unique way to see Amsterdam, is from the water. Boaty Rent a Boat offers solar-panelled electric boats. This is not only environmental-friendly, but also very quiet. With an electric rental boat you can enjoy the sounds of the city even better, without any engine noise or dirty exhaust fumes. To make your boat ride even more enjoyable, I suggest to take a bottle of wine and a picnic basket with you.

The solar-panelled electric boats from Boaty allow you to explore the canals by yourself, or with your group of friends and at your own pace. You will drive the boat yourself after a short instruction. The solar panels on top of the boat not only provide you with quiet and clean energy, but also with some shade. Their sister company Boats4Rent has the same electric boats, but without the solar panels on top; just in case you don’t want any shade over your boat.

For a complete ‘Amsterdam from the water’ experience: take drinks and snacks with you

When you are on the water for a few hours, it is a great idea to take some drinks and nibbles with you for a nice picnic while sailing through the canals. Please note that the driver can only have a few alcoholic drinks. On water the same rules apply as on the road: Don’t drink and drive! As an alternative to the nibbles – or as an addition of course – you can also order a pizza at pizzeria San Marco (NL). This pizzeria close to the Okura Hotel, has a window right on the canal, where they hand down your pizzas while you comfortably stay in your boat. Very funny and the pizzas are reasonable too.

Your safety is assured: the rental boats are stable, unsinkable and come with free life vests in different sizes. Boaty Rent a Boat is located next to hotel Okura, in Amsterdam South.

Solar-panelled electric boats, emission free

Boaty only has solar-panelled electric boats, making them emission-free.

We do not have information (yet) on whether the energy they use to charge the batteries, comes from renewable energy sources.


Boaty Rent a Boat

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