Every year in Spring, the elm trees along the streets of Amsterdam drop their confetti. I’m always looking forward to this season AND to the Springsnow period. It is a very festive sight and it feels like the trees celebrate Spring, just like me! The snowfall can range from light to heavy, mostly creating beautiful sceneries, sometimes a bit messy. Of course this Springsnow does not consist of frozen water crystals, but of whirling elm seeds. There are more than 75,000 elms adorning the streets and canals of Amsterdam. I find it very enjoyable and quite magical to cycle through the Springsnow.

Follow the elm route to get the best Springsnow experience

You surely can’t miss Springsnow in Amsterdam. For those of you who want to know exactly where the elm trees are located: follow the eight kilometres long elm route. You can either do a walking or cycling tour. The elm route starts at the elm arboretum in Amsterdam North. Via the Eastern part of the city centre you will walk or cycle to the Hortus Botanicus. Along the route you will find the most beautiful and impressive elms of Amsterdam. Following this route gives you the best chance of experiencing the spring snow. Cycling through Amsterdam is an experience by itself, but now even more so!

More of the elm tree to admire

Every year they also organise some events and art exhibitions to pay tribute to the falling of the elm seeds in spring. Check the website of Springsnow Amsterdam for this year’s events.

A tribute to nature deserves environmental rating

A tribute to the elm tree with a walking / cycling route can’t be much greener. As we don’t have more information on the creation of the perfume, nor on the various events that they promote, we give Springsnow Amsterdam a 2-rating for environmentally consciousness.


Springsnow in Amsterdam

Address: Amsterdam North, City Centre and East
WebsiteSpringsnow in Amsterdam

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