Lavinia Good Food is a cosy and lively cafe that serves some of the most delicious, freshly prepared and healthy breakfasts and lunches in Amsterdam. They also do a delightful selection of cakes and serve Bocca coffee (a local Amsterdam Fair Trade coffee roaster). I love Lavinia for their passion for high quality food and friendly service.

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle

The tasty, colourful, prettily presented and pure food served at Lavinia Good Food is created with passion and creativity. Recognising that some people are conscious of their choice for a healthy lifestyle they source local, seasonal ingredients and work almost exclusively with organic products. They avoid using preservatives, E-numbers or refined sugars. It is all about pure, tasty, healthy food at Lavinia Good Food.

I love their incredible flavour combinations and undeniably super fresh and healthy veggie juices. Their buffet is a great way to sample a range of their salads and dishes and get a complete flavour sensation. But their creative combinations topping their 100% spelt pizzettas steal the show at lunch. And word has got out – it took me a few tries to actually get a table as they have been so busy. But persistence pays off. What they serve is GREAT and they are almost being too modest only calling themselves “GOOD FOOD”.

More Lavinia

And if you can’t get a table, they also do take away. They sell “healthy presents” and a variety of culinary gifts. Catering for events is also offered and they can even arrange private dining events, breakfast meetings and cooking workshops. They also run the cafe at one of my favourite museums – FOAM – on the Keizersgracht, not far from the Kerkstraat location (you can go to the cafe without entering the museum).

Healthy, pure, good, food

Lavinia Good Food uses locally sourced, seasonal and as much as possible, organic ingredients. They avoid using any unnatural preservatives, E-Numbers or refined or processed sugars and additives.

Most of their menu is vegetarian but they do offer a small selection of dishes that include sustainably caught fish and organic, free range meat. Unfortunately we do not (yet) know how sustainably they run their business in terms of energy use, recycling and sustainable business practices. With all this in mind they get a pretty high Conscious Travel Rating for their efforts


Lavinia Good Food

Address: Kerkstraat 176, 1017 GT Amsterdam
WebsiteLavinia Good Food

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