Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is Amsterdam’s main (and only) airport. It was opened in 1916 as a military airport. In 1920 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, performed their first flight from Schiphol, turning it into a commercial airport. Schiphol has been, and still is, the home base of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Nowadays, Schiphol is an important European airport, ranking as Europe’s 4th busiest and the world’s 12th busiest by total passenger traffic. Despite being so incredibly busy, it has been voted best European business airport for many years in a row and the distinct yellow signage of Schiphol was rewarded many times for best public instructional signage. Schiphol is also one of the airports most active in makinh their business as sustainable as possible.

The neighbourhood

The airport is built in the Haarlemmermeer polder, which used to be a big area of wetlands. It was reclaimed at the end of the 19th century, providing an excellent, flat place for an airport. It has six runways in various directions to be able to deal with the, sometimes, stormy conditions in the area and to deal with the huge amount of passengers. Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is a mere 15 to 20 minutes from Amsterdam city centre. The infrastructure of roads and public transport makes it very easy to travel between Schiphol and Amsterdam.

Highlights at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Because Schiphol is built in flat reclaimed land, it is an ideal place for plane spotters. Schiphol also has a fantastic panoramic terrace, where you can enjoy a great view on the planes and the platforms during opening hours. The terrace also has an old Fokker 100 that may be viewed from the inside, for free.

WHAT? An airport with environmental rating?

Yes, we understand it is a bit strange to have a 2 for environmental consciousness for an airport, one of the most polluting forms of transport. We have looked at the efforts that Schiphol made within this business, and concluded that they pursue a very sustainable policy. Their goal is that 20% of the energy they need to operate, is generated in a sustainable way by 2020.

Furthermore they take measures to reduce energy consumptions, such as the intelligent LED lighting in the terminals. All the airport buses for passenger transport are solar-powered, electric buses.


Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Address: Aankomstpassage, Schiphol
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