As with every city: there is more than one way to travel to Amsterdam. Depending on where you come from, you can get here by plane, train, car or even boat. And some sportive, conscious travellers even come to Amsterdam by bike!

By plane

We know that flying is the most unsustainable way to travel. But we are realistic enough to know that it is, in most cases, the fastest – if not the most convenient way – to get to Amsterdam. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the national airline of the Netherlands with Schiphol Amsterdam Airport as their home base. They have been awarded the title of sustainable leader in the transportation industry by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, for eleven consecutive years. This is why we are confident recommending you to book your flight to Amsterdam with KLM. And that’s also why we have a conscious mind, while having an affiliate partnership with them.
Note: When you book a KLM flight through the banners on our site, you will support Conscious Travel Guide.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is less than 20 km away from the centre of Amsterdam. Travelling between Amsterdam city centre and Schiphol Airport will take somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes by train, taxi or hotel shuttle bus.

Getting from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

By train

This is the cheapest way (and one of the most environmentally friendly ways) to travel to Amsterdam from the airport. Schiphol train station is located directly underneath the terminal building. From here trains will take you to Amsterdam Central Station in about 15-20 minutes. And to Amsterdam Zuid-WTC (World Trade Center) and Amsterdam RAI (Exhibition and Conference Centre) in about 10-15 minutes.

For travelling by public transport in Amsterdam, you need an OV-chipkaart (OV chip card) which you can buy at the yellow and blue NS ticket machines at Schiphol. Check the website of NS (the Dutch National Railways) for more information on tickets, ticket prices and train times.

By taxi

Taxi stands are right outside the terminal building. A taxi drive to Amsterdam city centre takes about 15-20 minutes outside peak traffic hours. In peak hour the travel time to Amsterdam can easily double. Depending on your destination the taxi ride can cost you somewhere between €30 and €50 (don’t quote us on these amounts). A conscious option is Taxi Electric. This taxi company drives 100% electric cars such as the Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S.

Please be aware not to take any offers of a taxi ride from people inside the terminal building. These are not licensed cab drivers.

By hotel shuttle

Some hotels offer airport shuttle bus services. Check or ask your hotel if they have such a shuttle service. You can also use the Schiphol Hotel Shuttle Service of Connexxion. This regional bus company offers airport shuttle services to almost every hotel in Amsterdam.

Tickets may be purchased online and at the Connexxion shuttle desk at Schiphol Plaza, near the arrivals hall. For your return trip, you can buy a ticket at your hotel. Check the website of Connexxion Schiphol Airport Hotel Service, for more information, prices and reservations.

Travel to Amsterdam by train

Most international trains have their final stop at Amsterdam Central Station. But some also stop on one of the other eight train stations of Amsterdam. It is easy to travel to your end destination from every station, with public transport like tram or bus, or by taxi.

International trains from the neighbouring countries include: ICE International from Germany, Thalys from France and Belgium, and a combination of Eurostar and Thalys from the UK. Check the website of NS International, for more information on international train times and reservations.

Drive to Amsterdam by car

Highways and roads in the Netherlands are of excellent quality. But the streets in the city centre of Amsterdam are relatively small. It is simply not efficient to drive within central Amsterdam, as the narrow streets are very busy; not in the least with the many bikes. In order to maintain the liveability and accessibility of Amsterdam, there is paid parking for all streets within the ring road, A10. The parking fees can be rather considerable; as are the fines.

Park & ride in Amsterdam

We strongly recommended parking your car at one of the parking garages in the park & ride, locations on the border of the central area. These offer excellent and efficient public transport links to your final destination as well as excellent value for money, secure parking.

Park your car in one of the P+R locations and continue your journey on public transport.
 There are five P+R car parking sites in Amsterdam.

Get more information on parking on our page Parking in Amsterdam. For the best ways of getting around Amsterdam, read our page Travel in Amsterdam.

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