Lunch and Dinner Restaurant Spelt manages to achieve something rare and delightful: They bring a contemporary and innovative twist to Dutch food – and actually create incredibly sophisticated, inspired and above all tantalising Dutch cuisine. Yes, folks, finally I can say, thanks to Spelt, Dutch cuisine DOES exist!

Spelt uses honest, local ingredients to create a spectacular sensation for the discerning palate

I have to admit it, I can be a little cynical when it comes to the idea of “Dutch cuisine”. Traditionally speaking potatoes and hearty winter food an exquisite meal do not make. However Spelt manages to break the mould and uses locally sourced “honest” ingredients, free range meat and sustainably caught fish, to create incredibly innovative, ridiculously delicous and beautifully presented dishes that leave you wanting more and more and more…..especially as they also offer incredible value for money. I don’t think I have ever eaten such high quality, creative and innovative cuisine in Amsterdam for such an affordable price.

I queried the owner (and maître ‘d) what he meant by “honest” ingredients. Honest is a term that to me can be a bit vague and I always worry about it being exploited for marketing purposes. The explanation given was that for many smaller farmers and producers it is exhorbitantly expensive to be accredited in sustainable and organic practises. This doesn’t mean that they are not organic or sustainable, just that they cannot use the official certification. And this is the case with many of the suppliers that provide high quality ingredients to Spelt.

Service at Spelt is friendly and efficient and they aim to please. You can enjoy their signature spelt bread (and endless delicious supply) and they serve tap water without question. The dining area is light and airy and they have a small garden at the rear and a terrace at the front. I strongly recommend you give Restaurant Spelt a try.

Locally sourced, organic, seasonal ingredients in their creative cuisine

Doing their best to keep things honest.

Although Spelt describes their food as “honest” we understand that to be, because in some cases the ingredients are organic, or sustainable (or both) but without the expensive certification (something some small enterprises cannot afford.) Consequently they receive a consicous rating of 2 for the envionment and 3 for animal welfare. The rating for the environment is also because there is no information available regarding how sustainably they operate their business.


Restaurant Spelt

Address: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 5-A, 1017 DB Amsterdam
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