Club Escape is actually a building full of different clubs and bars. It is located on Rembrandt Square; the bustling heart of Amsterdam’s nightlife. Escape has been offering the club scene a magnificent club since 1986! Escape still offers a wide variety of parties and club nights, either hosted by themselves or by third party organisers.

Club Escape, the Basement, Escape de Lux and Studio

Whether you will enjoy your evening depends of course on the club night you go to and if it’s the music you like, but the club itself is great no matter what. The sound systems, decors, visuals and lights are all state of the art. There are a wide variety of rooms, each with their own atmosphere. Some spaces are connected, but some are separate spaces. There is the main club Escape, with the biggest LED screen from Europe behind the DJ. Under the VIP podium of the club, there is an even more exclusive area: the Basement. IT can be connected to the main space, or kept privately, with an own entrance. Then there is Escape de Lux, a separate, more intimate club-in-a-club space that can be connected to the main club space. Escape Studio is a multi-functional space that companies and individuals can hire for their own private party. It offers great views over Rembrandt Square.

Escape Caffé and Lounge

The Escape building also offers food. In Escape Caffé on the ground floor you can have lunch, dinner or just a drink with some snacks in a stylish decorated restaurant. Escape Lounge on the first floor has a quirky design, overlooks the Rembrandt Square and offers snacks and other finger food.

Pick your night carefully and check Escape’s agenda

As said before: the different nights have different music and attract different type of people. This can make or break your evening. But when you choose the right night, this is a great club venue to go to. Check what’s on before you plan on going to Escape. When you are in doubt, you can first have dinner or a drink at Caffé and check out the crowd that enters the club.

No conscious information yet

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably Escape is run.


Club Escape

Address: Rembrandtplein 11, 1017 CT Amsterdam
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