Ever since Bernard Eichholtz moved his store to the Leidsestraat in 1888, this foreign food deli is an institution in Amsterdam. It is a small supermarket, specialised in foreign – mainly English and North-American – comestibles. If you feel homesick and are craving for your favourite (comfort) food, then this is the place to go! At Eichholtz you’ll find American chocolate chip cookies, brownies, English Christmas pudding, maple syrup, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Vegemite and many types of breakfast cereals.

Successful 19th century niche marketing

Eichholtz marketed to the ‘well-to-do’ citizens of the Amsterdam Canal Belt. He imported food from abroad, unknown to the Dutch, such as: original Prague ham, Canadian lobster, sardines from Philippe & Canard, Californian asparagus and the soups from Heinz and Campbell. In the middle of the store they also sell typical Dutch products, such as liquorice, Haagsche hopjes (coffee candies), Amsterdam cookies, Droste flikken (chocolate) en Goudse Stroopwafels.

Because of the exclusivity, the products are not cheap. But then again…can there really be put a price on nostalgia or lighten up the feeling of homesickness?

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Eichholtz Foreign Food

Address: Leidsestraat 48, 1017 PC Amsterdam
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Type: food speciality food supermarket