We love photography and Foam is one of our favourite museum, because of it – even though it is hard to pick one favourite Amsterdam museum. Foam photography museum curates wonderful exhibitions about photography in all its forms: from documentaries to fashion, from contemporary to historic and from beautiful to…somewhat…eccentric, or experimental to say the least. Next to large-scale exhibitions showing the work of (world)famous photographers, Foam also shows the work of upcoming artists in smaller and short running exhibitions.

Manageable sized museum and a lovely cafe offering honest food

Foam is a nicely sized, manageable museum on Keizersgracht. Most of the time they have multiple exhibitions at the same time. The main exhibitions take approximately an hour; of course totally depending on your interest and your own pace. I sometimes see people glance at the photos briefly, before moving to the next room. I guess they are finished in about 20 to 30 minutes. Before, after or in between exhibitions you can have something to drink or eat in Foam Cafe by LAVINIA. The cafe is open to museum visitors and non-museum visitors. They serve delicious dishes for breakfast and lunch and have homemade cakes. Foam Cafe by LAVINIA cooks with natural and pure ingredients, without using additives and E-numbers.

Every Thursday you can join a free guided tour, that takes you along one of the photo exhibitions at present. The tour focuses on in-depth viewing and discovering photographic elements. An experienced museum educator provides interesting information on the photos and the photographer and answers questions from the group. The guided tour starts at 19.30 hours and its advisable to register in advance. Almost every month, there is something new to see during the tour, due to the large number of changing exhibitions.

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Address: Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam

Type: Photography