The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is a 10-day festival. More than 250 documentaries are shown. IDFA has developed into one of the world’s leading documentary film festivals and is the meeting point for professionals and documentary lovers. The festival is about art, film, debate and social issues. The IDFA is unique because of its international range, its variety of genres, its politically engaged programme and the many European and world premières that are presented each year.

Overwhelming choice of documentaries and short films

Every year, IDFA presents the best documentaries, selected from a huge field. And when I say huge, I mean huge! The selection is made based on clear criteria. In short, IDFA looks for documentaries that are interesting from a stylistic point of view, or are particularly innovative, relevant to social issues and successfully manage to communicate with their audiences. Themes include Human Interest, History, Health, Society, Nature & Environment. The programme is incredibly extensive and needs you to take out some time to explore it. Or let yourself be surprised and just go when ever you can and wherever you are…

Tickets can be bought online via the IDFA website or at the cash register of the participating venues.

Indirect Human consciousness

The IDFA Bertha Fund offers support to documentary projects and festivals in developing countries. Even though the goal of the fund is to stimulate local film cultures and turn creative documentaries into a truly global film art, we ‘award’ the IDFA with a 1 for Human/Social consciousness, because of the creation of jobs in developing countries.

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably IDFA is run.


IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Address: Several venues throughout Amsterdam

Type: Cinematography Culture ArtSeason: Autumn