Mysteryland Dance Festival takes place on the grounds of the former Floriade. If you’ve never been before, I am sure that you will be overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. The good thing about this grand scale, is that you will find a wide variety of electronic music styles, without them being in the way of each other. The music styles range from cutting edge dub-step and hip hop to the international top of the house, trance, techno and electro scene. Mysteryland is regarded as one of the most sustainable festivals in the world.

Plan ahead so you don’t miss anything on this huge festival

This popular dance festival is held on a unique location with green surroundings, open fields and intimate spaces under the trees. The former Floriade terrain is a massive terrain, with a huge artificial hill, giving you magnificent views over a large part of the festival terrain and surroundings. At one point during the day, you HAVE to go up the hill and look over the various themed dance tents, spread out over the terrain. It is wise to come prepared and get an idea where you would like to go beforehand. If you have no clue what there is to do and where, you will be walking around the terrain all day, looking for the best music and best spot. It would be a shame if you arrive at one of the stages to find out that you’ve missed your favourite DJ.

Large selection of healthy food stalls – and a few less healthy ones

There are plenty of places to have a bite in between dancing rounds. The festival offers a wide variety of organic, Fair Trade, vegan, lacto free and gluten free food. If you are not into this, then you must be happy to hear that they also sell the good old chips (French fries, as Americans know them) and Dutch croquettes. You pay for food and drinks with coins that you purchase beforehand.

Note that only persons of 18 years and older are admitted to the festival terrain. The easiest way to reach Mysteryland is from Hoofddorp train station; a shuttle bus service will take you to the festival area.

A dance festival with a soul aiming to be as green and sustainable as possible

Mysteryland signed the Covenant Sustainable Events, committing themselves to make the festival sustainable in terms of energy use, waste management, accessibility and sustainable purchasing. The were awarded a 3-star Industry Green certificate by Julie’s Bicycle. The goal is to keep the ecological footprint of the festival as low as possible, by separating garbage for recycling, use as much biofuel as possible for their power supply and a balanced offer of food.

The terrain is accessible for wheelchairs, including special toilets. Food is organic and there are several vegetarian and vegan options to be found.


Mysteryland Electronic Music Dance Festival

Address: Floriade Haarlemmermeer (use Paviljoenlaan 1, 2012 JE Haarlem for your navigation system)

Type: Dance MusicSeason: SummerExtra: Wheelchair accessible Organic products