Nature Walks shows you the green side of Amsterdam. You get a different view of the city when biologist and certified nature guide, Mónica Cruz, takes you through the parks of Amsterdam. She eagerly shares her knowledge of the vegetation and animals that live so close to us; although we don’t always notice them. I was thoroughly impressed by her knowledge, as well as by the fact that she speaks five languages (English, Dutch, Portuguese, French and Spanish)!

Getting to know the nature side of Amsterdam

In the Vondelpark – well known to me – Mónica opened my eyes for all the beauty that I normally don’t (consciously) see. At first she seems a bit shy – because she is so soft-spoken – but during the tour, she opened up and talked passionately about the Vondelpark and its inhabitants. She showed and told us about the mating habits of the well-known parakeets, the differences between the nests of magpies and crows, many types of trees and the way they pollenate and propagate. We even spotted a kingfisher! It’s amazing to see how rich Amsterdam’s wildlife is. And to hear the specific stories behind them; such as the story of the famous stork family in Vondelpark.

Knowledgeable, passionate nature guide Mónica

Not only does Mónica have a university degree in applied animal biology and a master in animal behaviour (ethology), she also has a lot of knowledge of the local nature, flora and fauna. Her passion for nature and wildlife is evident in the way she shares her knowledge. She adapted very well to the different knowledge levels of the participants, without dumbing it down too much (oops, I think I just gave away MY knowledge level).

Mónica organises guided nature walks in selected parks across Amsterdam. The tours roughly take one and a half hours. And for groups and companies she creates a tailor-made excursion on request. These nature walks are not just for tourists who have seen the regular highlights of Amsterdam; I am positive that ‘Amsterdammers’ will also enjoy discovering their city in a whole new way. I sure did!

How much more conscious can you get by understanding nature better?

It is quite obvious that nature walks such as these only contribute to a better understanding of nature and wildlife. In no way is the tour of Nature Walks Amsterdam intrusive to the wildlife or plants and trees. Therefore we can only give them 3-ratings on environmentally consciousness and animal welfare.


Nature Walks

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