Cafe ‘t Smalle is one of the most charming and characteristic traditional “bruin cafes” (brown cafes) in the heart of the Jordaan. Brown cafes get their name from the fact that they generally have brown wooden interiors and often their walls are stained a lovely, warm, brown colour from years of build up from cigarette smoking. Although that may not sound so charming, the brown interior generally creates a very cosy atmosphere and these days you can enjoy them without having to inhale cigarette smoke!

Cosy, traditional bar in the heart of the Jordaan

This charming, traditional bar-cafe is housed in the former Hoppe Jenever Distillery, has beautiful lead glass windows, a large corner bar and most of its original internal features, including a beautiful spiral staircase. On the bar you will also find a traditional “jeneverpomp” – literally a “gin tap” that is used to pump liqueur from a vat below the bar.

Enjoy your drinks or meal on the waterside terrace

Cafe ‘t Smalle also serves a wide variety of meals, from breakfast through lunch and dinner, as well as a selection of traditional Dutch snacks, like bitterballen (that are delicious deep friend ragout balls, that almost defy description and most definitely defy translation) Dutch cheese and “poffertjes” (traditional small pancakes”.

The small but beautiful waterside terrace of Cafe ‘t Smalle – on one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful canals – is a prime place to enjoy a traditional Amsterdam beer or jenever on a lazy afternoon. The terrace includes street side tables, but also a beautiful platform right on the water. A visit to Cafe ‘t Smalle is an essential part of a stroll through the Jordaan and it’s beautiful canals and charming small side streets. It is not far from Anne Frank House.

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Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably ‘t Smalle is run.


‘t Smalle

Address: Egelantiersgracht 12, 1015 RL Amsterdam
Website‘t Smalle (NL)

Extra: WiFi Outside