Burgermeester offers a great variety of burgers on fresh bread made with the best sustainable fish, lamb, beef or vegetarian options. Though the menu changes seasonally, there is always a basic beef burger, as well as more luxurious burgers. Every month guests can suggest a (new) taste of burger, which becomes the month’s speciality. These are the best burgers in Amsterdam! To eat in or to take away.

The mayor of organic burgers

Burgermeester is a play on words with the Dutch word ‘Burgemeester’ (Mayor); it literally means “Burger Master”. And they truly are mastering some delicious burgers. At Burgermeester they believe in good and honest food for an affordable price. And the burgers are made fresh on the spot. They try to make a lot of products themselves, instead of using manufactured products. This way they have more control over the ingredients and the endproduct. My favourite – especially for lunch – is the Mini Trio; three different mini burgers of your choice. I know, I’m greedy and want it all. The Mini Trio burgers go very well with one of the organic juices or lemonades that they have.

They’ve always got at least two vegetarian burgers on the menu (although the cheese on these burgers isn’t; just so you know). The vegetarian burgers change regularly.

Customer participation on the menu

The burger of the month is a burger that is suggested and created by one of the guests. Every month guests can submit their own creations (or suggest a classic favourite). At the end of the month the staff of Burgermeester chooses a winner. The winner gets to eat his/her own burger and a glass of champagne for free. Now that’s an original way of customer participation.

Another thing to know, is that doggies are allowed here.

A burger restaurant with a conscious philosophy

Burgermeester mainly works with local products and they have a strong focus on sustainability. Their philosophy is to be a sustainable business as much as possible. They buy and use products and ingredients with an ‘honest’ local, origine. They do not necessarily buy products with an organic certification. They do however get their meat from small, local farms that they know – such as farmers on Texel for their lamb and farmers in the Betuwe for their cows. These local suppliers let their cows, lamb and chicken live a good and natural life. Burgermeester also uses game and MSC certified fish. Fruit and vegetables are also sourced from local farmers in North-Holland.

They even go that far that also their clothing and the electricity need to be sustainable. The LED lights and all electrical equipment run on 100% sustainable energy from windmills. They told us that they are always looking for ways to become a more sustainable business!



Address: Elandsgracht 130, 1016 VB Amsterdam
Address: Albert Cuypstraat 48, 1072 CV Amsterdam
Address: Plantage Kerklaan 37, 1018 CV Amsterdam
WebsiteBurgermeester (NL)

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