On a busy street in the lively neighbourhood De Pijp, you will find restaurant Fa. Pekelhaaring. The liveliness of the neighbourhood continues inside as it is almost always busy. Just like when we were there, and enjoyed a delicious, varied organic meal.

Liveliness in an industrial interior

As soon as we came in we were greeted by a lively atmosphere, followed by a “Hello, I’ll be right with you” (in Dutch), from a passing staff member. We straight away felt welcome. Tap water was served without us having to ask for it, as soon as we were seated (always a good sign of great hospitality in our eyes). The busy staff was very friendly and joyful, with the right amount of attention. The interior is sober, almost industrial-looking, but somehow they managed to create a pleasant atmosphere. Especially when it got dark and the lights came on. We’ve finished our plates completely, but just in case you don’t: ask for a doggy bag. They don’t like to waste food, just as much as you and I don’t.

Local, organic – or should that be ‘honest’ – food

Restaurant Fa. Pekelhaaring tries to use as much locally sourced and organic food as possible. Although they don’t necessarily look for a certification. They source from local farmers that they know and visit them themselves – a trend that you see more and more in restaurants in Amsterdam. Therefore you will not always see the term “organic” on the menu; as that claim needs a certification. They not only use local, seasonal, sustainable and ‘honest’ ingredients and products, they also adept to the principle of Top to Tail. Using all consumable parts of an animal as much as possible.

Not necessarily organic, but very conscious nonetheless

Fa. Pekelhaaring mostly uses ingredients and products from local farmers and they buy them directly off them. Local, seasonal and sustainable products get their preference, above the ‘organic’ label. Meat, fish and vegetables are mainly produced in the Netherlands. But also Italian and French products are bought via local suppliers, in case Dutch supplies are not sufficient.

The restaurant prides itself to follow the Top to Tail principle, using the whole animal and not just the most wanted parts. They strive for zero-waste and also offer a doggy bag at the end of an unfinished meal.

They use new electrical equipment with an eco-label. The steam out of their energy efficient glass rinsing machine, for instance, is used to heat up water.


Fa. Pekelhaaring

Address: Van Woustraat 127-129, 1074 AH, Amsterdam
WebsiteFa. Pekelhaaring (NL)

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