Charlie + Mary is a Dutch clothing store, selling innovative, sustainable and ethical fashion brands. They sell fair and eco-friendly fashion by brands such as: Wunderwerk, L’Herbe Rouge, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, People Tree and some other great brands. A quote from their website says more about them, than I could tell you: “We collect the coolest stuff for you and everything is created by truly passionate fashion lovers, with respect for people & the planet! And … With lots of love!”. With the addition that I think they are as passionate a fashion lovers as the brands they sell.

Concept store in De Pijp offers passion and friendliness

Charlie + Mary’s concept store is located in neighbourhood De Pijp. It is a bright and spacious shop where you are greeted with a smile. Here they carry the whole collection in an interior of recycled material. Shopping at Charlie + Mary truly gives you a good and happy feeling. Of course because of the great fashion they have, but also because of their friendly enthusiasm and passion, that shows through in every aspect of their business.

Fair and eco-friendly fashion with a story

As said, Charlie + Mary sells innovative, sustainable and ethical fashion. Hoodlamb is such a brand that takes ethical fashion to the next level, through innovation. They developed a 100% faux fur from organic hemp, acrylic and recycled polyester. Studio JUX is another brand that developed a new, more sustainable and animal-friendly material: woodsilk. Woodsilk has the same look & feel as normal silk, but is made of wood pulp instead of (ab)using silkworms for it. There is no reason anymore NOT to buy ethical fashion…

Passionate about fashion, passionate about the environment

Besides selling fashion from sustainable brands, Charlie + Mary also takes care of the environment in other ways. A large part of their interior is made of recycled material, they try to use as little paper as possible, and if they can’t avoid it, they use recycled paper. Furthermore they use sustainable energy from the Dutch supplier Green Choice and their website is hosted at a sustainable provider.

Selling brands that develop innovative material, preventing animals to get mistreated and killed ‘just for fashion’, scores high in our opinion.

They regularly support humanitarian projects; for instance the #hallomensen project of the Dutch Council for Refugees.


Charlie + Mary

Address: Gerard Doustraat 84, 1072 VW Amsterdam
WebsiteCharlie + Mary

Type: fashion giftsExtra: Organic products