Troost Brouwerij is a relatively young enterprise, but has been committed to being a sustainable enterprise from its beginning. The largest independent beer brewer in Amsterdam, they produce a wide range of organic brews in their Westergasfabriek and Pijp locations, and serve them up with fantastic organic food in a lively but unpretentious setting.

Sustainably produced, delicious, local beer and fantastic food.

With a cool industrial interior, Troost Brouwerij in the Westergasfabriek is an excellent space to kick back with some friends and some incredibly delicious, own-brewed, organic beer. They produce more than a dozen fine brews in their breweries in De Pijp and the Westergasfabriek. From Lager and I.P.A. to a lovely Honingblond (honey-blonde), a robust Smoked Porter and seasonal brews like their award winning Lentebier (Spring Beer). They also brew Barleywine and their own local gin! They have a bottle shop so you can get take aways to enjoy in the park on a sunny day too.

The food menu offers a great range of dishes, from bar snacks like their loaded nachos to some of the best organic burgers in Amsterdam. Their “Classic” has the jalapeños on the side – but be brave and add them for extra bite. Teamed with delicious organic fries and your choice of brew, they guarantee satisfaction. They have a weekly changing specials menu and a good selection of Flammkuchen. We love the fact that they have vegetarian and vegan options too. They automatically bring tap water to your table, service is super friendly, and they even allow (friendly) dogs on the premises.

But what really appeals to us about Troost Brouwerij is their commitment to sustainable business practices, the use of organic ingredients, local suppliers, as well as a comprehensive approach to waste management, recycling, re-use of by-products and use of green energy. They even recycle the steam off their cooling water. Spent grain and other organic waste is either transformed into energy or fed to goats and pigs! Needless to say they recycle all of their bottles and use recycled cardboard boxes for transportation. They also employ people who are occupationally disabled/have challenges in gaining traditional employment and are a training enterprise for young cooks. We are thrilled by their approach to making a difference to the world while doing something they clearly love and are incredibly good at. Well done Troost, Proost to that!

Troost Brouwerij is an inspiring, sustainable enterprise

Due to their commitment to sustainable work practices, local suppliers, sustainably farmed meat and sustainable fish, their extensive use of organic and locally sourced ingredients, their recycling and energy efficiency efforts, as well as being a business that has a social employment program, giving employment opportunities to those who may otherwise be disadvantaged, we give Troost Brouwerij a full Conscious rating for the environment, animal welfare and social aspects. Troost Brouwerij is a role model for sustainable enterprise.


Brouwerij Troost

Address: Pazzanistraat 25-27, 1014 DB Amsterdam
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