Kattencafe Kopjes is a quirky and original cafe that is also the home to 7 or 8 cats who have been rescued from the local animal shelter. The concept of a “cat cafe” has been popular for some years in various international cities, but Kattencafe Kopjes is the first of its type in The Netherlands.

Cosy, cat cafe, that serves a small but tasty selection of sandwiches, cakes and delicious coffee

Kattencafe Kopjes only holds 20 guests and as such reservations are highly recommended. The cafe serves guests in “sittings” of 2 hour time slots and charges a small entry fee (to contribute to the care of the cats). The tables sit 2 – 4 people and the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, make all the more relaxing by the presence of the former shelter kitties that can now call this cafe home. They are free to roam around the space and if you are lucky, one may choose your lap as a cosy place to sit. To ensure the well being of the resident cats, there are a number of logical house rules, which are both on their website, but will also be explained to you by your waiter.

This lovely cafe in De Baarsjes neighbourhood serves light meals, cakes, coffee, teas and a selection of drinks. All items on their menu are organic and they serve only fair trade coffee. Although the range of food is quite small, it is tasty and served with care. And let’s be honest, most people come here to be in the company of some curious kitties. That said, the cakes are delicious and the atmosphere is truly relaxing and unique.

A cat cafe that is friendly to animals and the environment

Kattencafe Kopjes serves exclusively organic products and even the cat food is organic! The furnishings are made from all natural products and there is a high level of attention paid by the owner and her staff to the environment, sustainable work practices and recycling.

We love the concept of Kattencafe Kopjes and adore not only the kitties but also their comprehensive approach to being conscious.


Kattencafe Kopjes

Address: Marco Polostraat 211, 1057 WK Amsterdam
WebsiteKattencafe Kopjes

Extra: Wheelchair accessible Organic products Seasonal products Fair Trade WiFi