For boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys… That is Milkshake Festival’s slogan! This festival gives love a central place. “For all who love” they say. The festival is composed of several parties by several party organisers. Main initiators are Club AIR and Paradiso. Milkshake Festival is not your average dance party / dance festival, it is about music, entertainment, fun and…love! Already after the first edition this popular festival was awarded as best ‘one-day-festival’; and it is totally deserved.

At Milkshake, an ambiance exists that is free of stereotypes created by society. Or in normal words: be yourself and let others be who they want to be, without discrimination. You will see a wide variety of people: gay, straight, plain, weird, extravagant, college, teens, muscles, blondes, brunettes, et cetera, et cetera. The different parties have different atmospheres and play different music to cater the wide variety of people and their diverse taste of music. The festival terrain has several tents and a large outdoor area. The terrain is wheelchair accessible and there are also wheelchair accessible toilets available.

The food is located in an open-air ‘food court’ with a wide variety of food options, all organic and with several vegetarian options. There are healthy salad options, fish, pizzas, hamburgers, falafel, pasta, and so on, and so on. Enough to keep you going for a while. Payment at the drink and food stalls is via prepaid coins (munten).

On their website they list an ABC which sums up what they stand for. Courtesy, liberalism, free love, free-minded, individuality, tolerance, trisexual, uniqueness – if you know what is meant by all this, then this is your party!

Conscious dance festival without pretences

Besides the fact that Milkshake promotes a safe festival for any gender, race, sexual orientation or how you would describe yourself, they are also conscious is any other way. They signed the Covenant Sustainable Events (NL), committing themselves to make the festival sustainable in terms of energy use, waste management, accessibility and sustainable purchasing.

The terrain is accessible for wheelchairs, including special toilets. Food is organic and there are several vegetarian options to be found.


Milkshake Festival

Address: Westergasfabriek, Westerpark, Amsterdam
WebsiteMilkshake Festival

Type: Dance MusicSeason: SummerExtra: Wheelchair accessible LGBT Organic products Outside