Restaurant Gartine is a Slow Food lunch cafe you have to know about, otherwise you’ll never find it. More so it is that this breakfast and lunch restaurant is so popular and so tiny, that it is hard to get a table without a reservation. The interior is sober, the food fresh and delicious. They get most of their products from their own vegetable and herb garden and orchard.

Breakfast, lunch and high tea, all are a big treat

As said you must be very lucky to get a table at Gartine, by just walking by. There are only nine 2-persons tables. Most of the time you have to make a reservation at least two weeks in advance, especially for the weekend. But the effort is more than worth it. The food is incredibly fresh and are local. The ingredients come either from their own garden, or from the Ark van de Smaak (NL); products from the Dutch Slow Food organisation. The interior is sober but effective, with only a few paintings on the wall and some old cooking and baking utensils here and there. The service is very friendly and helpful. We don’t know how the staff manages to get people served so well and with a continuous smile on their face, in such a small space.

Restaurant Gartine also serves a beautiful homemade high tea (afternoon tea)! (Yes, with an acclamation mark.) You can choose out of four different high tea’s, all with homemade dishes, such as soup, quiche, cakes, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: They only allow reservations made by phone.

A small Slow Food restaurant with great impact

Where possible, Gartine produces most of their ingredients themselves in their vegetable and herb garden and in their orchard. They support the foundation Adopteer een Kip (Adopt a Chicken) (NL), which means that they only use organic eggs. Furthermore they use authentic local Slow Food products from the Ark van de Smaak (NL).

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably Gartine is run.



Address: Taksteeg 7, 1012 PB Amsterdam
WebsiteGartine (EN menu)

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