Restaurant Moeders (Mothers) is a reasonably priced, cosy restaurant with a special interior: wooden tables covered with vintage crockery and hundreds of photos of mothers on the wall. Moeders is the restaurant to go to when you want to enjoy Dutch food and like an informal, homey atmosphere.

Typical Dutch food

Moeders is known for several Dutch specialities. Not that the Netherlands is known for its ‘haute cuisine’, but if you like good, hearty food, than you go to Moeders (mothers always cook the best food!). One of their specialities is a Dutch ‘rijsttafel’. The word ‘rijsttafel’ is derived from the Indonesian rice table, a mix of all sorts of dishes put o the table at once, for people to share. The Dutch rijsttafel at restaurant Moeders, consists of all little bits and pieces of traditional Dutch home cooking. Besides the traditional Dutch stews and dishes such as hachée, suddervlees and stamppot, there are plenty of other things on the international menu to choose from.

There is no place like home

Moeders (= Dutch for mothers) opened in 1990. When the restaurant opened, the owner asked his guests to bring their own plate, glass and cutlery from home. The guests donated these plates, glasses and cutlery to the restaurant. Nowadays, the tables are still set with all those different plates, wineglasses and cutlery the wooden tables, creating a unique, homely chaos on the table. Another quirky aspect of the restaurant is that it collects pictures of mothers. Any mother, every mother, from everywhere in the world. The walls in the restaurant are filled with hundreds – really literally hundreds! – of framed and unframed pictures along with antique pans, plates and biscuit tins. And…don’t forget to bring a picture of your own mother, as pictures are still welcome!

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Address: Rozengracht 251, 1016 SX Amsterdam