Restaurant Anna truly is a bright, precious gem amongst the rough stones of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. This is my favourite restaurant for years already, and it always is a treat to dine here. This restaurant opened its doors in April 2011 and has been – understandably so – a hit from day one. It is located in two thoroughly renewed monumental buildings, in the middle of the Red Light District. The interior is modern-minimalistic, but pleasant and with good acoustics.

Divine food and personable professional service, what else do you need?

The menu is based on the European kitchen with space for culinary influences from the rest of the world. My favourite dish – and not just mine, seeing that this dish has become their signature dish – is without a doubt the Truffle Risotto! YUM, with full, deserved capitals. The service is personable professional and the food is divine and beautifully presented. Anna has an open kitchen and even the kitchen staff is very hospitable and they really appreciate it when you thank them personally for the great food. But then again: who doesn’t like a compliment, right? Even though it might not be the cheapest restaurant in Amsterdam, we believe this restaurant is more than worth the money. Especially because they serve – in our humble opinion – Michelin star quality dishes.

When the weather is good enough, Restaurant Anna opens its terrace on the Oudekerksplein in the shadows of the Oude Kerk (The Old Church). Here you have a fantastic view on the medieval church – ánd be part of the Red Light District.

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Conscious dining in the Red Light District

Restaurant Anna tries to use as many seasonal and local products as possible. They choose suppliers that are known for their high-quality, sustainable and/or organic meat, fish and vegetables. Suppliers include farm Lindenhoff (NL), butcher Hesseling (NL), butcher De Wit (NL), working according the head-to-tail principle, fishmongers Jan van As and wholesaler in fruit and vegetables Rungis (NL).

Restaurant Anna has a system where the heat of the refrigerator and freezer room are transported to a big water tank, providing Anna with warm water. Anna offers complimentary water, which is extra filtered tap water.

Location map

Restaurant Anna

Address: Warmoesstraat 111, 1012 JA Amsterdam
Website: Restaurant Anna

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