Tucked away in a little side street between the Singel and Herengracht canal, you will find Pianeta Terra – a charming, Italian slow food restaurant. They choose their organic meat, vegetables and sustainable fish carefully and only use those products that are in season, according to the Slow Food criteria. Besides the delicious food, they also have delicious wines and the knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you choose the right wine for your course.

Fresh, fresh, fresh and above all delicious

Reflecting the Slow Food concept, the menu of Pianeta Terra is updated on a daily basis to include produce that is in its prime at this time of the year. Every day they make their own delicious bread and pastas, using only the finest of organic ingredients. On the menu you will find the specific slow food products and also the names of the Slow Food Presidia suppliers of those products. Presidia are a cooperation of slow food producers that safeguard small-scale quality productions that use traditional methods. Besides the food being ‘conscious’, it tastes incredibly well and fresh and is beautifully presented. And also not unimportant: prices are very reasonable.

Not all the wine is from organic produce though, although a large part is. The friendly staff is quite knowledgeable on the wines and some of the red wines will be decanted in a carafe at the table. For us that is a sign that they know what they are talking about.

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Pianeta Terra works according the Slow Food principles

A slow food restaurant is bound to get high scores from us, even though their wine selection is not 100% organic. That we only give them 2 for environmental consciousness, is because we don’t have information on how sustainably Pianeta Terra is run.


Pianeta Terra

Address: Beulingstraat 7, 1017 BA Amsterdam
WebsitePianeta Terra