De Kaaskamer is one of my most favourite shops. Yes, I am a cliché; a Dutch cheesehead (read: cheese addict). De Kaaskamer is in fact, a cheese speciality store (Kaas is Dutch for cheese and De Kaaskamer means The Cheese room), with many different types of European cheeses. If you are a cheese addict like me and you love cheese, this cheese shop is a must-go-to, if only to go in and smell the cheeses!

Cheese, cheese, cheese and some other yummy stuff

De Kaaskamer sells Dutch, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss, Greek and even Norwegian cheeses. They also offer a selection of organic Dutch cheeses. As a cheese addict I find it difficult to favour any cheese that they sell, but if you force me to name a few, then I would say: the truffle Brie, the matured Calvados Camembert and the buffalo ricotta. Besides cheese, they also sell a wide variety of sausages, wines, nuts, crackers, spreads, olives and more. Here you’ll find all you need for an evening picnic basket to savour on in a park.

In the weekends the cheese store can be absolutely packed, but walk in anyway and have a look – and smell – at all the yummy, refrigerated cheeses in the back. Some of them are so soft that they almost run over the edge of the shelf.

A fine selection of organic cheeses

De Kaaskamer offers plenty of options if you are specifically looking for organic cheese. Even though the choice is plenty, the selection of organic cheeses is small compared to the rest of the assortment. Therefore we only give a 1 for animal consciousness.

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably De Kaaskamer is run.


De Kaaskamer

Address: Runstraat 7, 1016 GJ Amsterdam
WebsiteDe Kaaskamer

Type: food speciality food