Het Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) is an impressive Amsterdam landmark, just east of Amsterdam Central Station. The museum is one of the city’s biggest 17th century buildings. Het Scheepvaartmuseum houses one of the world’s biggest collections of nautical art and artefacts, including globes, paintings, ship models, and more. The replica of the Dutch East Indiaman the Amsterdam, docked alongside the quay, is perhaps the museum’s biggest attraction.

Shipping history of all four wind directions

After a four-year renovation, Het Scheepvaartmuseum reopened again on 2 October 2011. The building from 1656 has regained all its original splendour of the Dutch Golden Age again. You enter the museum from the South wing and enter the central courtyard that is covered with a spectacular glass-roof. From here you can visit the three different themed wings in the North, East and West. The ship moored on the North side of the museum, is an exact copy of the famous Dutch East India Company ship the Amsterdam, lost on her maiden voyage in 1749. Ship The Amsterdam can rightly be called one of the most impressive piece in the museum’s collection.

The trading of The Dutch East India Company led to Amsterdam’s Golden Age

In the Netherlands, we refer to the 17th century as our Golden Age. In those days, the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands was one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world. And that was primarily thanks to seafaring. No country in the world had as many ships as the Netherlands. Thanks to seafaring, trade flourished. The Dutch East India Company was founded in Amsterdam and developed into the ‘world’s storehouse’. Goods from the four corners of the world could be had here from the company’s massive stocks.

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Het Scheepvaartmuseum

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