Anne Frank House is not only an important museum that immortalises the life of a girl, subjected to the horrors of war. It is also a centre for human rights, educating and building awareness of injustices against people across the world. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Amsterdam and an essential part of any visit to this city.

An ode to a special individual and human rights

Anne Frank House is, let’s be honest, possibly the most popular attraction in Amsterdam, so it is always busy. And rightfully so. Who doesn’t know the tragic and yet inspiring story of Anne Frank? The little Jewish girl that has become an inspiration across the globe, a hero to many, who demonstrated individual strength in the face of extreme adversity. Her diary has become an essential part of many people’s upbringing and her suffering a reminder of the evils of war, and why we should do everything within our power to protect human rights.

The museum tells the story of Anne Frank, how she was hidden during World War II, and what her and her family’s life was like. Her and her family’s oppression are a reminder of the perils of war, and the dangers of power. It is inspiring to think, that despite the tragedy, such a story, such an individual can captivate so many people and act as an ongoing beacon for hope. The Anne Frank House Museum also contains temporary exhibitions some of which are related to the Anne Frank Story. Others are related to the continual strive for human rights and the ongoing fights against racism and extremism. Making the Anne Frank House Museum a centre for human rights in general.

Emotionally moving, but important to remember

Prepare to be emotionally moved during your visit. Anne Frank’s story is a powerful and well known one, but experiencing the space where she lived, what she went through, how she and her family coped is confronting and brings the story to life – as it should. We, as human beings, need to retain and preserve evidence and information on such important social events, to not let people forget about the evils of war, racism and extremism but to also continue the stride for human rights across the globe. May we never forget Anne Frank and her diary, and may we all strive to deliver peace on earth.

Practically speaking we strongly recommend that you book your tickets online in advance of your visit. I have actually never seen the Anne Frank House without a queue. Sometimes the queue wraps around the Westerkerk and the wait can be up to 2 hours to get in. Purchasing your ticket online advance allows you to choose your time of entry, and avoid any queues.

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As conscious as a centre for human rights can be

As Anne Frank House is not only a museum to preserve the story of the plight of Jews under Nazi rule, but also a centre for human rights, promoting the need to continue to fight for equality and remove racism and extremism we give it the highest possible Conscious Human Rating.

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably Anne Frank House is run.


Anne Frank House

Address: Prinsengracht 263-267, 1016 GV Amsterdam
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Type: Historic Special interest