Zipper is a family-owned second-hand clothing shop, with a shop in De 9 Straatjes and one near Dam Square. It is one of the oldest vintage clothing shops in Amsterdam, founded in 1979. In both shops you feel like you have stepped back in time. They offer various fashion styles from the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s and present them in a carefully styled interior. I always love to come here, even if I don’t need anything.

American clothes get a second life in the Netherlands

They obtain their second-hand and vintage clothes in America. They ship containers full of clothes to the Netherlands, by ship. Before the clothes end up in the shops, they repair, customise or even re-make them. Everything they bring back is used, nothing goes to waste. They stock up almost every three weeks, making it worthwhile to come back now and then. Besides clothes they also have second-hand accessories such as watches, jewellery, hats, et cetera, for women and men.

Giving second-hand and vintages clothes a second life

We have no information on how sustainably Zipper runs the shops. But as a second-hand shop they deserve at least a 2-rating for environmental consciousness.



Address: Huidenstraat 7, 1016 ER Amsterdam
Address: Nieuwe Hoogstraat 10, 1011 HE Amsterdam

Type: fashion vintage