Nukuhiva is a clothing store with fashionable Fair Trade and sustainable clothes. They sell around twenty different brands, that all strive to make fashionable and stylish clothing and products in a fair and sustainable way. The fast majority of the clothes is quite sober, but – I think – very stylish. As in most fashion stores, the women’s collection is bigger than the men’s, but there is definitely some nice brands for the men to shop for. Including accessories, such as (hand) bags, jewellery, sustainable water bottles and even Fair Trade chocolate.

The interior of Nukuhiva is made of recycled materials or at least this is the intention. They also run their business as sustainable as possible. In a cooperation with Philips, they experimented with LED lamps in the shop. The goal was to reduce energy, while still creating a nice atmosphere for the customer to shop in. Go in and look whether they succeeded with the latter!

Born out of the urge to help change the fashion industry

This stylish, little shop was opened in 2006 and was one of the first fashion stores where you could get sustainable and Fair Trade clothing that could actually be called fashion. The store is set up by Dutch television presenter Floortje Dessing. She is a presenter for a very popular travel show. The confrontation with poverty and injustice during her travels made her more aware that something needed to change and that she wanted to contribute to this change. That is roughly the idea behind this successful fashion store.

Purely Fair Trade and sustainable fashion

Nukuhiva only sells fashion brands with a respect for humans and nature. Their clothing collection consists of brands that do business in a Fair Trade kind of way and have a clear focus on producing their clothes in a sustainable way. The clothes at Nukuhiva are mostly made of organic cotton, hemp, recycled materials or other natural raw materials.

They try to run the shop as sustainable as possible, using recycled materials and reducing energy consumption.



Address: Haarlemmerstraat 36, 1013 ES Amsterdam
WebsiteNukuhiva (NL)

Type: fashion