Every third Sunday of the month, Culture Park Westergasfabriek is host to the artisanal food market, NeighbourFood Market. Here you can taste delicious food, made by ‘good food’ sellers from different cultures. This market reflects the melting pot of cultures that Amsterdam is. NeighbourFood Market offers a platform for artisanal producers and cooks, to show and sell their preferably locally produced and organic food, to the public.

The market wanders over Culture Park Westergasfabriek. Every month the exact location is somewhere else on the sizeable terrain. Especially when the sun is out and the weather warm enough, it is a delight to spend a whole Sunday afternoon at NeighbourFood Market and enjoy the wide variety of food. When the weather is nice, the outdoor part is bigger and the whole experience even better – obviously.

Help make NeighbourFood Market more sustainable and charitable

You can also contribute to the sustainable character of NeighbourFood Market by bringing your own plate and cutlery. This saves waste and them money. The market offers facilities to do your dishes. You can also bring any tinned food and other pre-packaged food that you might have in your storage room and will not use anymore. They gather everything in a doggy bag and makes sure it will be used for charity.

An impression of the NeighbourFood Market by Dutchified

Check this video of our vlog partner Dutchified to get a nice impression of what to expect at the market.

Not 100%, but admirable conscious efforts

There are a lot of suppliers that use organic food and ingredients at NeighbourFood Market, but not everything is outspoken sustainable of organic. They do try to stimulate visitors to bring their own plates and cutlery to save the environment and cost. But we have seen some very energy consuming cooking gear and methods.

By offering established, but also new entrepreneurs a podium, and because of their project to donate ‘obsolete’ pre-packaged food to those in need, they are also making steps for Human/Social consciousness. Therefore we give them a 2-rating on all three pillars.


NeighbourFood Market

Address: Westergasfabriek, Pazzanistraat, Amsterdam
WebsiteNeighbourFood Market

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