Oh, my, oh my! This is a shop you can’t pass by without hopping in. Puccini Bomboni’s dangerously delicious chocolates are handmade by their own (secret) recipes. They have many different, original flavours. They only use natural ingredients, without artificial colouring, fragrances or flavours. Their website states: “Because Puccini Bomboni does not add any preservatives, the chocolates can only be kept about 7 to 10 days.” But SERIOUSLY… who can keep them that long?

My favourite shop for more than one reason

Puccini Bomboni has two shops in Amsterdam. Both of them filled with dozens of different flavours in white, milk and pure chocolate. It’s heaven on earth, but a hell to choose. Try my two favourites: vanilla poppyseed (white chocolate) and fig marzipan (mix of milk and pure chocolate), you won’t be disappointed. And if those flavours are not for you, then maybe the cranberry, pepper, thyme, aniseed, ginger, mint, calvados, rum currant or any of the others are. One of the Puccini Bomboni shops is located on one of my most favourite corner of Amsterdam: the corner of Singel and Oude Leliestraat, opposite Cheese Store & Tastings, Reypenaer; high-quality chocolate and cheese on one corner, so bad…but OH so good!

Besides this chocolate shop on the Singel, they also have a shop and neighbouring lunchroom on the Staalstraat. Here they serve fresh bread rolls, soups, salads and cakes! The lunchroom on the Staalstraat is a cosy lunchroom, with a terrace – overlooking the Stopera and with pleasant staff. Try to sit in the round window, where you have the most space and the best views.

No conscious information

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably Puccini Bomboni is run.


Puccini Bomboni

Address: Singel 184, 1016 AA Amsterdam
Address: Staalstraat 17, 1011 JK Amsterdam
WebsitePuccini Bomboni

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