Pure Markt (Pure Market) is a market for artisanal produced, good food, but also for creativity and sustainability. The products are sold by the (local) producers themselves, which gives you the opportunity to get the information about the ingredients and origin of the product and how the product was made, directly form the source. The majority of the products is food, but there are also a lot of creative and sustainable non-food suppliers. De Pure Market travels around and is held in several parks in Amsterdam on Sundays.

Pure Markt in Park Frankendael, Amstel park and Beatrix park

From March to October and the month December, Pure Markt is held in Park Frankendael in Amsterdam East, every last Sunday of the month. The market started in 2008 on the Dappermarkt in East, but their target audience couldn’t find them there. The following year, they managed to organise the market in Park Frankendael, the largest and most important ecological park of Amsterdam – Organic restaurant De Kas is also located in this park – and was a success straight away.

From April to October and the month December, Pure Markt sets up its stalls in Amstel park, every second Sunday of the month. Amstel park is a cosy park in Amsterdam South, along the river Amstel. The park has lots of trees and flower beds and is a beautiful park to have a picnic in. Beatrix park is a 20th century city park in Amsterdam South with a very diverse landscape. Pure Markt in Beatrix park is held less regular. You can best check their agenda for the correct dates.

An artisanal market with a relaxed atmosphere

De Pure Markt consists of a couple of regular suppliers and some variable suppliers. The organisation manages the diversity and balance in offered products, so that there is always a wide variety of product stalls to browse through. As said, with an emphasis on food and drinks. There is an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, especially when the sun is out and you can have a picnic with your freshly bought food. There is a changing selection of participants, so it is difficult to say what else you can find. When we were there we have seen products out of recycled materials, all-natural beauty products, handmade jewellery, paper (art), paintings, nature photographs, knitted wear (of course with wool from organic origin). Besides the yummy food stalls of course.

It is a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Outstanding! No reason to give them a lesser rating

Can they really not do anything better? We don’t know. There is always room for improvement, unless you live in a cave and don’t have a modern lifestyle. But seeing that many participants use solar panels for their energy supply, are local, small-scale producers of mostly organic meat and other products, we think that these high ratings are justified. If you think otherwise, we would love to hear from you.


Pure Markt

Address: Park Frankendael, Amstel Park, Beatrix Park Amsterdam
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Type: food markets