Wynand Fockink is not a regular cafe or bar. This liqueur and jenever distillery – originated in 1679(!) – has a tasting room in a small alleyway next to hotel Krasnapolski. Wynand Fockink consists of a distillery (only by appointment), a tasting room and a liquor store. The tasting room is THE perfect place to have an aperitif, before going for dinner in a restaurant. Try one of the many Dutch jenevers (Dutch gin) that they brew. Just a plain one, or a flavoured one.

A wide variety of jenevers and homemade liqueurs with quirky names

Don’t you know what you like? Just ask and you will get guided through the choices there are, and that best suit your taste. From smooth to sharp, from strong to…uhm…strong. Have their famous WF Superior, a three year old malt jenever, or one of their Old Dutch liqueurs such as ‘Bruidstranen’ (‘The Bride’s Tears’, a spiced wine served in the days leading up the wedding) or their house specialities, ‘Half en Half’ (‘Half and Half’) and ‘Boswandeling’ (‘Walk in the Woods’) – we especially recommend this last one – These house spirits have made Wynand Fockink world-famous and if you have not heard of them yet: shame on you…get over there!

The Distillery is open for groups and individuals. We suggest you to take the tour, although you can explore the distillery by yourself. Make a reservation by phone or e-mail. Another tip is to check the opening times of Wynand Fockink carefully, as tasting room, distillery and liquor store all have their own opening hours.

Stepping back in time

When you step into the small tasting room of Wynand Fockink, it feels like you are literally stepping back in time. They still have a collection of antique, hand-painted storage bottles that are aligned along the walls. The rest of the interior and the size of the space makes that it breaths an atmosphere from 300 years back.

No conscious information

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably Wynand Fockink is run.


Wynand Fockink

Address: Pijlsteeg 31 & 43, 1012 HH Amsterdam
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