The famous and charming Jordaan District is in fact, part of the city centre. But because ‘De Jordaan’ has its own character, we thought it was justified to give this neighbourhood its own section. This neighbourhood was built for the working class. Here lived the people that worked and serviced the wealthy citizens living along the main canals. In the Jordaan, the streets are narrow and densely populated. Nowadays it is a famous neighbourhood boasting many charming, independent shops and restaurants, waiting to be discovered by you.

From 17th century working class neighbourhood to popular creative neighbourhood

The Jordaan district was built in the early 17th century as part of the major expansion of the city of Amsterdam. The streets and canals are small and so are the houses, but this only adds to the charm of this popular neighbourhood. Nowadays a lot of artists have found their place here, working either in their homes, or in studios. Therefore it is no wonder that the Jordaan has many small galleries and jewellery designers. The Jordaan is also home to our favourite ice cream place, Monte Pelmo.

The neighbourhood

The Jordaan area stretches from Brouwersgracht in the north to Passeerdersgracht in the south and from Lijnbaansgracht in the west to the Prinsengracht in the east. Some streets in the Jordaan are not as pretty and as charming as the rest, due to the construction of some 1960-1970’s apartment blocks. But streets such as the Tweede Egelantierswarsstraat, Tweede Tuindwarsstraat, Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat and, more south, the Hazenstraat are typical Jordaan streets. The streets are lively due to the wide variety of shops, bars, restaurants and galleries.

Highlights in the Jordaan District

What is so unique about the Jordaan is the intimate atmosphere with its charming small streets and houses. It is a wonderful neighbourhood to walk through and to enjoy the shops that are scattered over the area. The Farmers’ Market at Noordermarkt on a Saturday morning, could be described as one of the highlights. Here you can buy delicious organic and artisanal products, such as bread, cheese, mushrooms, etc.. We can also recommend renting a boat and sail the canals of Amsterdam. This gives you a complete different perspective of the Jordaan District.


Jordaan District

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