The NDSM Werf (NDSM Wharf) in Amsterdam – a former shipyard on the northern banks of the River IJ – is now a breeding ground for cultural and entrepreneurial experiments and innovations. This enormous area consist of the NDSM hall, the Docklands hall and two historic slipways, housing several artists’ studios. The spacious, industrial character of the NDSM Werf lends itself perfectly for all kinds of (outdoor) events, such as exhibitions and festivals. The focus for the businesses working on the wharf, is on culture, media and sustainability.

Besides the cultural activities on the wharf, there are also some great bars and restaurants. Noorderlicht, a bar and restaurant in a remarkable, transparent building (or maybe I should say construction) serves sustainable and organic dishes in a unique atmosphere. The IJ-Kantine is a cheerful and modern decorated brasserie for lunch and dinner, situated at the water of the NDSM yard and has a fantastic terrace in summer. And also our favourite city beach-bar and restaurant, Pllek, is part of NDSM Werf.

The neighbourhood

Back in 1999, a group of artists, theatre producers, skaters and architects banded together to present a plan to the council for the redevelopment of the former shipyard. The area covers about ninety hectares of land, along two kilometres of river shore. Stichting NDSM Werf (NDSM Wharf Foundation) is well on its way to elevating the NDSM Werf to the position of the largest cultural breeding ground in the Netherlands and even Europe. The NDSM Werf can be reached by a free ferry that departs behind Amsterdam Central Station.

Highlights on NDSM Werf

There are many highlights on NDSM Werf. Throughout the year several great music and theatre festivals are organised here. Many of these festivals manage to use the unique industrial area to it’s fullest, either as backdrop or as inspiration for (the theme of) the event. This includes the annual Over het IJ Festival – a festival with smaller and larger theatre productions, workshops and debates.

A neighbourhood with a strong focus on sustainability

It is difficult – and odd – to give a neighbourhood or area a conscious rating. We give NDSM Werf a 2 for environmental consciousness as they ask the companies who have thier offices at the wharf to focus on sustainability.


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