“Dinner in a greenhouse?” That might be your first thought when you see Cultural Cafe and Restaurant Noorderlicht (Northern Light). And it kind of is, but then different. The atmosphere at cafe-restaurant Noorderlicht is laid back and groovy. They use organic, sustainable, seasonal and local products and ingredients as much as possible. The classic International menu offers enough options for vegetarians. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner all year round.

Grooviness and organic food in Amsterdam North

Cafe-restaurant Noorderlicht is one of the first residents of cultural breeding grounds, NDSM Werf (NDSM Wharf), a former shipyard at the northern waterfront of the river IJ. Their relaxed atmosphere and delicious organic food are not the only things that attract the crowds to this unique restaurant. In summer weekends, Noorderlicht organises live music and events after dinner, to pump up the atmosphere. And to make it even better: they also have a wonderful terrace on the water.

Some of the cultural events that they organise carry a social responsibility theme, raising awareness and/or money for various projects around the world.

Preliminary conscious ratings

The ratings for Noorderlicht are partly based on what we know about Noorderlicht, and partly because we know the philosophy of the companies at NDSM Werf. We have no precise information (yet) to what extend they are sustainable in the way they do their business.


Cultural Cafe-Restaurant Noorderlicht

Address: NDSM Plein 102, 1033 WB Amsterdam (For navigation, use: T.T. Neveritaweg 33, 1033 WB Amsterdam)
WebsiteCafe-Restaurant Noorderlicht (NL)

Extra: Organic products Pets allowed Outside