Restaurant La Oliva is famous for their delicious pintxos and wines. Pintxos are the Basque version of tapas and La Oliva master them very well!The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and from the late afternoon (17.00 hrs), the whole counter is covered with pintxos, which makes it extremely difficult to choose. They also have a great menu with Spanish dishes, but really, the best thing to do is to compose your dinner meal full with the yummy pintxos!

Pintxos with a smile

The interior of La Oliva is stylishly modern, but can feel a bit crammed at times. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Even when it is incredibly busy (most of the time) they have a smile on their face when they help you patiently. La Oliva has been incredibly popular from the start, so popular that you must make a reservation well in advance, especially for dinner. But I do recommend you making the effort!

La Oliva is also open for lunch, when they serve delicious homemade tortillas, a homemade hamburger, soups, salads, sandwiches and richly covered farmer’s bread.

No conscious information yet

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably La Oliva is run.


La Oliva Pintxos y Vinos

Address: Egelantiersstraat 122-124, 1015 PR Amsterdam
WebsiteLa Oliva Pintxos y Vinos

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