The organic farmers’ market at the foot of the Noorderkerk (Northern Church) dates back to 1987 and was one of the first modern farmers’ markets in The Netherlands. Coming from only eight stalls back then, it nowadays is a bustling market, with delicious fresh, organic, local and regional food and products. This farmers’ market offers fresh vegetables, beautiful, aromatic cheeses, herbs and mushrooms and crisp fresh breads. You will be astonished by all the smells, flavours and freshness.

The current farmers’ market on the Noordermarkt is held on Saturdays, just in time for the weekend, when many of us have more time to prepare a lovely home cooked meal with beautifully fresh and organic products. Are you staying in a hotel? Then there are plenty of ready to go products to enjoy. We especially like to come here for the fresh bread, the many beautiful cheeses and the special and exotic mushrooms they have.

From origin the Noordermarkt (1681) – the oldest market in Amsterdam after the Nieuwmarkt – is a second hand clothing and textiles market. And on Mondays it still is, stretching out all the way over the Westerstraat. Around 1900 some farmers started selling their products on the market at the foot of the Noorderkerk, as this was an efficient way to reach their clients. But it wasn’t till 1987 that the term ‘Farmers’ Market was used.

NOTE! Saturdays, the market on the Noordermarkt seems one market, but actually there are two markets: the organic farmers’ market and a clothing market. Unfortunately we were unpleasantly surprised – not to say shocked – to see that at the clothing market they sell (real) fur – besides other clothes. We think this is in stark contrast to the concept of the organic market, right next to it.

Purely organic farmers' market from local farmers

The Noordermarkt Organic Farmers’ Market is a 100% organic market from local, small-scale farmers, offering seasonal products.


Noordermarkt Organic Farmers’ Market

Address: Noordermarkt, Amsterdam
WebsiteFarmers’ Market Amsterdam (NL)

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