Het Hanze Huis in Amsterdam Closed at the end of 2016

Het Hanze Huis specialises in products from the 205 European Towns that developed strong trading ties with each other, between the 12th and 16th century. Some of the products sold – mostly ‘consumable’ products – have been produced since around 1500! Het Hanze Huis in Amsterdam is a small, cosy shop on three levels. The staff is extremely friendly and willing to tell you all about the products. When you buy something, you get extra information about the Hanze product in print.

Family owned, artisanal products with an interesting history

Het Hanze Huis is an asset to Amsterdam’s shopping experience. No other store in Amsterdam offers so much history behind their products as Het Hanze Huis does. And they know this. Besides the fact that the staff can tell you all about the products and the history of these products, they also give you a flyer with product and history information. Great concept and nicely executed. Even though Amsterdam wasn’t a Hanseatic city itself, its was strongly connected to other trading cities and towns along the Baltic Sea – organised in the “Hanseatic League”. This trading was very important for Amsterdam’s economic growth and prosperity.

Between the 12th and 16th century, the powerful old “Hanseatic League” was made up of 205 European towns, including large towns like Lübeck, Hamburg, Bruges, Antwerp, London, Tallinn, Bremen and Bordeaux.

Het Hanze Huis offers traditionally produced food and other products from European cities

Het Hanze Huis doesn’t necessarily focus on organic or sustainable products, but many of the brands they sell, use traditional recipes that are over 100 years old. They are pure and honest products made with raw, unrefined ingredients that have been available since the beginning of production. The Hanseatic cities are mostly located around the North Sea and Baltic Sea, relatively close to Amsterdam.

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably Het Hanze Huis is run.


Het Hanze Huis

Address: Staalstraat 20, 1011 JM Amsterdam
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