Iambe is an organic bakery with an anthroposophic philosophy. On three locations in Amsterdam Iambe has a bakery offering organic, homemade bread, pastry and (textile) gifts. All three locations also offer youngsters with an intellectual limitation day time activities and traineeships in the bakery, artisanal textile workplace or in the bakery stores.

The Iambe organic bakeries can be found in De Pijp and Old-West. The Iambe bakeries are part of the Raphaël Foundation. On the Van Ostadestraat in De Pijp, the bread an pastries are being baked in the bakery, the textile workplace is behind the bakery store on the Bilderdijkstraat and can be visited. On Van der Helstplein another store is located where the baked goods are sold and where clients can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

On all three locations the youngsters develop various skills under supervision and proudly present the skills they have learned. It is wonderful to see the serious concentration and effort these youngsters show, trying their best to do their job well. We think it is a great concept and are very happy to support them.

Bakery and daytime activities for youngsters with an intellectual limitation

Not only offer the Iambe bakeries delicious, organic bread (with EKO certification) an pastries, they also offer a channel for youngsters with an intellectual limitation, to learn, develop and be proud of what they achieve.

We have no information on how sustainably Iambe runs the bakery itself.


Iambe Organic Bakeries

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 143, 153 KN Amsterdam
Address: Van Ostadestraat 384, 1074 XA Amsterdam
Address: Van der Helstplein 6, 1072 PH Amsterdam
WebsiteIambe Organic Bakeries (Raphaël Foundation) (NL)

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