Chocolátl is a magical chocolate shop in the Hazenstraat, although they like to see themselves a ‘chocolate gallery’. Here you will find the finest quality chocolate from all over the world. They are specialised in exclusive, premium chocolate products, with a good selection of Fair Trade and/or organic chocolate. In addition, Chocolátl offers homemade speciality baked goods, cold or hot chocolate drinks and micro-roasted coffee.

Original and experimental flavours sold in chocolate heaven

Erik, the owner, is very knowledgeable about the chocolate he sells and about chocolate in general. He also experiments with chocolate tastes, so don’t forget to ask after the latest new taste! Every chocolate addict has to visit this chocolate shop in the Jordaan. With a wide variety of – artisanal – chocolate from all over the world and all kinds of different – experimental – flavours you will feel like you went to heaven. We really liked the smoked salt & bacon and black salt & caramel, but also the raw chocolate and the milk chocolate shot are great. Chocolátl offers an exclusive range of premium-origin, Fair Trade and organic bonbons by chocolatier Geert Vercruysse (NL).

The also offer regular chocolate tastings, called “Chocolabs”. Check with them when these are on. You might be lucky when in Amsterdam.

Chocolátl offers Fair Trade and organic chocolate

Chocolátl has a wide selection of chocolate, but not all of it is Fair Trade and/or organic. It is difficult to decide how to rate them for this. We also don’t know enough about the chocolate (yet) to determine exacty what’s right and what’s wrong. We’ll have to pay them another visit and ask them more questions.



Address: Hazenstraat 25-A, 1016 SM Amsterdam

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