Urban BMX rider shot from aboveUrban Sports Week Amsterdam

28 April – 2 May

This weekend, Amsterdam turns into a large playground for professionals and amateurs in urban sports. Enjoy competitions and demonstrations of urban sports such as 3×3 Basketball, BMX, Inline Skating, Free running, Skateboarding and many more.

Read more on the website of Urban Sports Week Amsterdam

Windmills on rooftop NEMO


22 April 2016 to 1 January 2017

A free exhibition on the roof of Science Centre NEMO. Here you and your kids can experience what the power is of wind, water and sun. Promoting renewable energy in a fun and educational way.

Read more on the website of NEMO about the exhibition Energetica

© Sergio Tapiro - The Power of Nature

World Press Photo Exhibition

16 April – 10 July 2016

The World Press Photo exhibition is THE photo exhibition to go to. Don’t close your eyes for what is going on in the world, you will miss a great exhibition.

Read our recommendation for the World Press Photo Exhibition

Portrait of two families in 1930

FOAM Exhibitions Disfarmer – The vintage prints & Calais – From jungle to city

Till 5 June 2016

“Disfarmer – The Vintage Prints” and “Calais – From jungle to city” are two powerful photo exhibitions, due to their simplicity. The very strong photos show everyday people and everyday life. But the two worlds the photos represent are worlds apart.

Read more on the website of FOAM about Calais – From jungle to city and Disfarmer – The vintage prints