The Tale of the Whale in Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Saturday 9 July to Sunday 28 August

The exhibition The tale of the whale is part of The Whale Weeks organised by The National Maritime Museum. It teaches kids about the relationship between people and nature and the importance of clean oceans. The tale of the whale shows how our image of the largest creatures that ever lived, has changed through the centuries and how, because of men, it turned into an endangered species.

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Marten en Oopjen reunited in Rijksmuseum

Saturday 2 July to Sunday 2 October

Almost four centuries ago, Rembrandt painted the two metre high marriage portraits of the newly-weds Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit. The paintings are quite unique, as at the time it was not common for non-official civilians, to have their portrait taken from head to toe. The incredibly detailed and real portraits hang next to Rembrandt’s other masterpiece: The Nightwatch in the Gallery of Honour.

Read more on the website of Rijksmuseum and read our recommendation of Rijksmuseum

Over Het IJ Festival

Friday 8 July to Sunday 17 July

Over Het IJ Festival is a 10-day long theatre festival on NDSM-Wharf. The festival offers an accessible stage to young, new, up and coming and established theatre talent. There are some over the top performances and sometimes you go: W.T.F? But the atmosphere of this festival is always great. The industrial area of NDSM-Wharf is a perfect backdrop for this varied theatre festival.

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Cycling through beautiful Waterland

On any beautiful, sunny day!

They predict warm and sunny weather this weekend. With between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, it is the perfect temperature to get out on the bike and explore the wetlands, north of Amsterdam. Our favourite cycling route is about 40 to 50 kilometres long and goes through the picturesque villages Durgerdam, Marken, Holysloot, Zuiderwoude, Broek in Waterland and Nieuwendam.

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