Hotel De Hallen is located in an old tram depot – De Hallen – that was converted into a very successful groovy hotspot in Amsterdam West. The hotel has 55 non-smoking rooms, all located along the long public hall in the middle. All the rooms are equipped with a COCO-MAT bed, Nespresso coffee machine & tea facilities, smart TV, a safe and a minibar. Just in case you are claustrophobic: not all hotel rooms have a window.

An industrial looking hotel in one of Amsterdam’s hotspots

The hotel has an industrial design, with some vintage interior splashes. There are several areas in the main hall where you can enjoy some people watching, while pretending to read a good book. We do have a weak spot for urban developments and De Hallen in its whole is a great example of how to do such a development well. And even though Hotel De Hallen does not seem to have a clear focus on sustainability, we do think that the hotel is an asset to Amsterdam.

Remise47 is the restaurant of the hotel. This is also where breakfast is served for hotel guests, but the restaurant is also open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Some credit for the vintage interior and retention of the historic building

Even though Hotel De Hallen has a Green Key certification, they do not position themselves as a sustainable hotel. They get a 2-rating for environmental consciousness because of the building, the reuse of vintage interior products and because of the Green Key certification.

Restaurant Remise 47 offers vegetarian dishes and serve tap water on request. The former giving them a 1-rating on animal welfare.

The 1-rating for social consciousness is for their support for charity projects such as Orange Babies.


Hotel De Hallen

Address: Bellamyplein 47, 1053 AT Amsterdam
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