In 1921, Amsterdam incorporated a couple of small towns in the north, across the river IJ: Buiksloot, Nieuwendam and Ransdorp. This gave the city the possibility to expand to the north, which created the so-called ‘tuindorpen’ (which translates to: garden villages) like Tuindorp Oostzaan, Nieuwendam and Buiksloot.

In recent years, Amsterdam North has undergone some major developments. On the former Shell grounds a whole new neighbourhood has been erected, Overhoeks. Part of this development is also a new metro line, Noord-Zuidlijn (North-South line), which started in 2000 and should be finished in 2017. This new metro line connects Amsterdam North with the city centre and Amsterdam South. It is to be expected that this will give a positive boost to the further development of Amsterdam North.

The neighbourhood

Amsterdam North is comfortably surrounded by the river IJ and the ring road, A10. Amsterdam North is changing from a neighbourhood that Amsterdammers – as the inhabitants of Amsterdam are called – looked down upon, to a groovy neighbourhood. A lot of the former industrial areas that are located along the river IJ are now being transformed into more liveable areas and neighbourhoods.

Highlights in Amsterdam North

Some of the former villages that were incorporated by Amsterdam still have their own charm and a ‘small village’ feel to them. It is easy to visit these villages by bike. Cross the river IJ by ferry and keep on cycling. One of the other highlights in Amsterdam North is the beautiful, iconic building of the EYE International Film Institute, just opposite Amsterdam Central Station. Next to EYE there is a lot of development going on, with cultural centre and bar-restaurant Tolhuistuin and the old Shell tower, Overhoeks, which is renamed A’DAM.

Along the river IJ, but more to the west, is NDSM-wharf or Docklands. An industrial area that is (being) redeveloped into a cultural breeding ground and some groovy bars and restaurants.

Enjoying the countryside just North of Amsterdam

Further north – just across the ring road A10 – are the flat wetlands: Broek in Waterland, Zuiderwoude, Holysloot, Marken, et cetera. This beautiful, typical Dutch countryside is wonderful to visit by bike on a sunny day. Here you can see what the Dutchies do with water management on a smaller scale. It is so close to the city and very easy to get to and yet feels a million miles away, letting you see another side of Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

Book: Discover the North. The Sunny Side of Amsterdam

Can’t find enough interesting recommendations on Conscious Travel Guide about Amsterdam North? Shame on us! We have to do something about that.

In the meantime we  recommend the ‘Summer Do Book’ – “Discover the North. The Sunny Side of Amsterdam”. The first travel guide of Amsterdam North in English. Although they don’t have a primary focus on sustainable or conscious businesses, they do have some great conscious recommendations for this up and coming Amsterdam neighbourhood.


Amsterdam North

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