The Foodhallen is quite an original concept for Amsterdam: A cross between a food court, bar and socialising space in the historic tram terminus “De Hallen”. De Hallen is a successful reinvention of an inner city complex that also includes Filmhallen and Hotel De Hallen. But Foodhallen really anchors it as a go to destination in Oud West.

Artisanal eateries, lively bars and a diverse crowd

The Foodhallen is a large space which houses an incredibly diverse selection of artisanal eateries, many of which are organic and sustainably focussed. An “indoor food market”, options range from the divinely mouth-watering “French Steak Sandwich” from Entrecôte Mobile” to the incredibly fresh and flavoursome Vietnamese street food from Viet View (which sounds like a wolf-whistle if you say it out loud). The hearty antipodean pies from Wild Moa Pies are a must try, and not to forget the original pizzas and hotdogs from Pink Flamingo and Bulls & Dogs respectively. A micro-brew beer bar, a sophisticated gin and tonic bar as well as the central bar keep the space buzzing with a broad cross-section of the local community as well as adventurous urban travellers.

A casual, relaxed, lively space, The Foodhallen is the perfect place to grab a bite and a drink during a catch up, or before or after a movie. Be warned it can get BUSY so try to get there before 6pm during the week if you can! On the weekends, just take your chances and be swept up by the energy that fills this place.

An impression of the Foodhallen by Dutchified

Check this video of our vlog partner Dutchified to get a nice impression of what to expect at the Foodhallen.

No conscious information yet

Unfortunately we do not have any information (yet) regarding how sustainably the Foodhallen is run. Furthermore the various business operate differently in regards to sustainable practices and the use of organic and local ingredients.



Address: Hannie Dankbaarpassage 12, Amsterdam

Extra: Wheelchair accessible Local products Organic products