Museum Night

Saturday 5 November 2016, from 19.00 to 02.00 hours

This Saturday, more than 50 museums in Amsterdam will open their doors in the evening and for a part of the night. If you just want to see the regular collections and exhibitions that are on, we advise you to go during regular opening hours. Museumnacht (Museum Night) is immensely popular. This might be the liveliest night of the year – if not for Amsterdam, then at least for the museums. Everybody is welcome, although they specifically target youngsters with live music, DJ’s, dance, performances, film and special tours.

Read more on the website of Museumnacht (mostly NL)

International Storytelling Festival

Saturday 29 October to Sunday 6 November 2016

Who doesn’t like to listen to stories? Before the written language was invented, it was the only way to pass on history and lessons learned. For a long time, many people ‘lost’ the ability to tell stories. But storytelling is back, more than ever.  At the International Storytelling Festival you can listen to many stories, but also learn about storytelling in various workshops. It is clearly stated on the website whether a session or workshop is in Dutch or in English. We hope you get inspired and will tell us your story!

Read more on the website of the Storytelling Festival

Exhibition Royal Bags in Museum of Bags and Purses

Saturday 8 October 2016 to Sunday 26 Februari 2017

Bags are one of the accessories that is being loved by many; and not just women. Although at Hendrikje Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, most of the handbags are women’s (hand)bags. They now hold an exhibition on the sensational bags of European royal families. These Royal Bags include bags of Queen Elizabeth, Empress Sissi, Princess Grace and of course the Dutch royal family.

Read more on the website of Museum of Bags and Purses

VR Days Europe

Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 November 2016

Okay, this event might be more for professionals. However, there are some workshops and demos that might be suitable for non-professionals, interested in virtual and augmented reality. Most people know virtual reality in relation with games. But there are also many possible applications for healthcare, science, education and – an area we are very interested in – travel. So dive into a reality that is not actually there, but still very real!

View the programme on the website of VR Days Europe

Chocolate and Whiskey pairing at Chocolátl

Sunday 6 November 2016 at 17.30 hours (RSVP)

Chocolátl is a small but delicious chocolate store in the Hazenstraat. This Sunday they organise a chocolate-whiskey pairing with their own whiskey expert Graeme. We don’t know about you, but we love both chocolate and whiskey. Unfortunately we can’t attend this time. If you would like to attend this delicious pairing event, then check their Facebook page for more information or rsvp directly to

Check the Facebook page of Chocolátl and read our recommendation on them