BAK Restaurant offers an uncomplicated and yet at the same time, sophisticated dining experience. Their passion for pure, organic, local, sustainable ingredients, combined with their culinary skills, deliver beautifully presented dishes that impress both the eyes and the palate.

Inventive, organic gastronomy where vegetables play the lead role

BAK serves only set menus for lunch and dinner (no a la carte) based on what ingredients are available seasonally and on the day from their suppliers. Meat is free range and organic, fish from sustainable fisheries and vegetables come from small, local, organic suppliers. And at BAK it is ALL about the vegetables and bringing out their pure flavours.

Dishes are colourful, flavoursome and caringly prepared. Every vegetable, fruit or flower is evident yet complementary. From a brilliantly green pea, string bean, rhubarb, radish and elderflower starter, to minestrone with edible flowers, to melt in your mouth pork rib and neck, to elderflower sorbet with buttermilk yoghurt and cherries, they aim to surprise your senses . Their wine list includes a selection from smaller wineries, who focus on the natural processes of wine production.

Service is friendly but professional, attentive but relaxed. They certainly make you feel like a welcome and appreciated guest, but without the stiffness of too much formality. BAK Restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the De Veem warehouse building, which is now a theatre and event space. It offers commanding yet private views over the Houthavens, which add to the experience.

Organic, seasonal food from local, sustainable producers, farmers and fisheries BAK makes conscious dining their passion

We give BAK a 3-rating for the environment and animal welfare, and a 2rating for human due to their use of exclusively organic, sustainably produced ingredients, the fact they support small, local producers and the fact that they are environmentally conscious in their business methods.


BAK Restaurant

Address: Van Diemenstraat 410, 1013 CR Amsterdam
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